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Peter whispered to himself. "But you have to understand. If it

When Peter Parker's Aunt dies, Tony decides to take Peter under his wing. After Spider-Man: Homecoming, The Avengers are back to normal. Enjoy! Chapter 32 is published!There's a flash of cold, reptilian eyes, and Peter sees but doesn't feel as the raptor's talon sinks into his side, just above his hipbone. The world flashes white with pain. Peter's head knocks dully against something, and then everything goes dark. Peter wakes up to the sound of distant voices.

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Peter had started taking antidepressants almost two years ago. It had started with a sadness that had seemed to fold over him like a blanket, little by little, until he'd felt suffocated by it. Homework had been next to impossible to focus on. Nothing had seemed fun anymore. And Ben and May had been worried.The One In Which Peter Gets A Group Hug By: Icylightning. Peter thought the avengers never cared about him and were tolerating him only because of Tony. Tonight they were going to prove him wrong. Rated: Fiction K - English - Family/Friendship - Iron Man/Tony S., Spider-Man/Peter Parker - Words: 1,559 - …"Pete, we're going to get you inside now, so you can get checked out and go to bed. Can you take some deep breaths for me?" Peter nodded and did as he was told as Happy gently wiped a tissue over his face. "Good job. Now, you've hurt your knee and your thigh so, they're going to get you on a stretcher so, we're …Chapter One. Peter blinked up at Captain Marvel as she landed in front of him. He was hugging the gauntlet to his chest, protecting it with his body as if that could help. He was so far out of his depth that he felt like he was drowning, but he was pretty sure he wasn't the only one. Everyone here, even The Avengers, were just as lost as him ...IRMSDMIRMSDMIRMSDM. Chapter 1: Pet Project. IRMSDMIRMSDMIRMSDM. Entering the lab, Pepper Potts came up short at seeing Tony obsessively working on, not an Iron Man suit, but a lightweight Kevlar suit with a big spider emblem on it. "Awww, someone's a Spiderman fanboy." "No. No. Not a fan," Tony contradicted a little too fiercely to be believed.Peter cried out in pain, and Tony felt a flash of rage because how dare Toomes do that! Toomes lifted Peter from the ground, but the boy twisted free and continued to fight, ignoring the fresh wounds that bled down his hoodie. Tony felt his heart all but stop when Toomes' talons dug into Peter's back and he slammed Peter into the …Self-Harm Chapter 1, a Spider-Man + Avengers Crossover fanfic | FanFiction. By: mightydeafeningmouse. Peter thought his depression and self-destruction behavior was behind him. Or, Peter turns to the blade after a rough night, then goes to Tony for comfort. Rated: Fiction M - English - Hurt/Comfort/Family - Chapters: 2 - Words: …Innocent By: wolfypuppypiles. The last thing he remembered, was walking home from school. He'd been excited to go on patrols, eager to brush away the stress of his classes. But he never made it home. Peter is kidnapped and tortured in front of Tony, in order to teach Tony a lesson. Rated: Fiction M - English - Hurt/Comfort/Family - Captain ...Jul 30, 2016 ... ... Peter, afraid he would get hurt. The man had almost shot you before Spiderman caught him, and after the shock had left your body, Peter ...Kidnapped Peter Parker. Five times Peter takes pride in being mistaken for Tony’s son, and the one time it almost kills him. In this story, Civil War never happened. Tony recruited Peter unbeknownst to the other Avengers to take him under his wing and keep him safe. Spider-Man’s identity remains hidden.Protective Wanda Maximoff. It's been one year since the successful road trip for bonding, and somehow all the progress Peter made with Erik seems like it's gone down the drain. With Erik more distant than ever, Peter desperately wants to fix their relationship, and the only logical answer is another family trip.Peter ignored it all, he had to. So instead of leaving it to the heroes, which he was hardly, he gritted his teeth and hung on for dear life. Peter nearly fell off of that plane too many times. The Vulture had slashed and grabbed at him, trying to catch him and throw him away, but Peter was persistent and held on.This is the fic of Peter's classmates (minus Ned and MJ) finding out while on a field trip to the Tower. [Now with a rewrite, link in part 3] ... Hurt Peter Parker; Peter Parker is a Mess; Peter Parker Needs a Hug; Female Peter Parker; Penny Parker - Freeform ... Avengers Team Members & Peter Parker (31) Pepper Potts/Tony …Post Avengers 2012 divergence. It was the perfect prank. Until it was the realest part of his life. Loki is on the run from everyone he once loved. Betrayed, abandoned, and reeling from nightmares, he no longer cares if he lives or not. When one of the so-called Avengers is blinded, Loki pauses his spiral to oblivion to pull an easy prank.Peter relaxed a little, but the suit didn't have enough juice to take all the weight. "Hold on, Pete. They're coming for us." Peter was gasping but managed a nod. Suddenly a large piece of rubble above their heads was moved and light poured in. "Peter! Tony!' A familiar voice called, it was Rhodey. "This whole thing's going to come down …Sep 9, 2017 · The boat was bobbing in the water unsteadily, as Peter watched the last of the passengers being rescued. God, what a mess. The adrenaline was beginning to wear off, after taking an hour to get back to land, and it was making him feel drained and achy all over. But the guilt hurt far worse than any physical pain he could feel. Overprotective Father (figure)s By: Yuna Yami Mouto. When Fury tries to convince Peter that he was the only Avenger available to fight the 'Elementals' with Beck, Peter pulls a Tony Stark and dials the private number of a certain Sorcerer Supreme that he KNOWS will be answered. The results of that call are not what anyone expected.Now, these people who were so bent on surviving this war, have stopped fighting each other just to save him. While Peter may never let go of the fact his friends were hurt by them, he knows that the people who are helping him right now weren't the same people who cause that destruction. Peter was now on the ledge of the observation deck.Peter was already having a bad day. Flash had tripIRMSDMIRMSDMIRMSDM. Chapter 1: Pet Projec Sep 6, 2015 ... Share in a post, Report. Steve And Peter. 428 Favourites 24 Comments 7.9K Views. captainmanmcuspiderspidermansteveamericaavengersrogers ... Avengers Team Members (Marvel) Hurt Peter Parker; Injured Peter Case Fic; Detective Tony Stark; kind of; he’s trying; Brainwashing; Dark Peter Parker ... Avengers Team Members & Peter Parker (975) Michelle Jones/Peter Parker (907) Peter Parker & Pepper Potts (653) ... Michelle Jones & Peter Parker (491) Include Additional Tags Hurt Peter Parker (8853) Peter Parker Needs a Hug (6396) Tony Stark Acting as ...Sep 6, 2015 ... Share in a post, Report. Steve And Peter. 428 Favourites 24 Comments 7.9K Views. captainmanmcuspiderspidermansteveamericaavengersrogers ... Tony could feel himself growing annoyed. To: Pet

May is out of town on vacation with some friends. That leaves the Avengers who are at the Tower to watch over Peter, who secretly feels sick but would never admit it out of fear of ruining anyone's plans (i.e. Tony forcing Pepper and himself to stay home from that REALLY urgent meeting). Part 5 of Reader's Prompts.Peter whispered; it seems like he's right next to Clint's ear. Clint couldn't help it he jumped slightly. "Shit, fuck, something just touched my hand." Sam suddenly said as he too jumped. "Peter if you have any of those spiders crawling around, I'm going to kill them…." Peter give a high-pitched giggle that sounded a little maniacal and …The loud intake of breath drains Peter of his success. In horror, he looks at the large barb, impaling the Green Goblin in the stomach. He's glad he can't see all the blood. Norman Osborn's eyes meet Spider-Man's for a moment as he gives one last wheeze, whispering a pained, "Peter. Don't tell Harry."Peter had it rough when he was starting out as a hero. Some scars don't heal, especially if you don't tell anyone. Rule 1. Peter got injured in a way that left a physical or mental scar. Rule 2. Peter actively hides or attempts to ignore said incident. Rule 3. Someone, anyone really, finds out and attempts to comfort or be there for the Spider.

Tony's heart leapt in panic. They were in the middle of serious trouble, and Spider-Man, Peter, was caught right in the middle. The suit was on Tony an instant later, and he was out of the tower, rocketing through the sky towards Brooklyn. The Captain was running towards the building as fast as he possibly could.Peter replied. He couldn't blame Tony for asking, the kid did have a record for pushing himself too far. However, Tony seemed to sense that he was telling the truth this time and sighed, pulling his sleek phone out of his pocket. "Alright, champ, let's get you home," he said, the pad of his thumb scrolling through his contacts.…

Reader Q&A - also see RECOMMENDED ARTICLES & FAQs. May is out of town on vacation with some friends. That leaves the. Possible cause: The ingenuity of F.E.A.S.T. gets the attention of The Remaining Aveng.

Matt Murdock & Peter Parker. Avengers Team Members & Peter Parker. Peter Parker. James "Bucky" Barnes. Natasha Romanov (Marvel) Tony Stark. Harley Keener. Sam Wilson (Marvel) Steve Rogers. Spiders Can Also Cry By: darkvoice. Peter gets hurt very badly after saving Iron Man and Captain America. After an accident at home Peter is left lost. He trusts no one. But somehow and slowly the Avengers wiggle their way into his life. Sorry is summary is crappy. I OWN NOTHING! Peter growled darkly. Steve saw pain, betrayal, heartbreak and sadness in the eyes he loved so much. He had caused this. "You did this. You broke apart the Avengers. You have killed more people in 48 hours than Loki did during the battle of Manhattan." Peter says befpre kicking the man in the chest, sending him rolling backwards.

James "Bucky" Barnes & Steve Rogers & Sam Wilson. Wanda Maximoff/Vision. Clint Barton & Natasha Romanov. Bruce Banner/Natasha Romanov. Avengers Team Members & Loki (Marvel) Avengers Team Members (Marvel) & Original Female Character (s) Avengers Team & Peter Parker. Clint Barton & Original Female Character (s) Jane Foster/Thor.Tony stumbled out of the suit, still in his pajamas, which were more sweats and a t-shirt. He was pale, almost as pale as Peter, as he kneeled down beside the injured teen and gently pulled his mask off. The cold night air hit the tear tracks on his face, he frowned, when had he started crying.

Jan 18, 2020 ... What could he have said that would n Peter bounced from building to building, swinging with nothing but web. The bright full moon hung high in the sky, illuminating the earth below it. As the wind roared against his ears as he swung through the night, he mentally praised himself for being badass today. A badass with a skin tight red-and-blue-suit made out of spandex, … IRMSDMIRMSDMIRMSDM. Chapter 1: Pet Project. IRMSDMFanFiction | unleash ... The Avengers find an o The Avengers and Wakandans watched in wonder as the fighting began to cease. Finally, Thanos himself turned to dust with a final gasp of air. Peter staggered backward and relaxed into a pile of rubble. The Iron Man suit disappeared around Tony Stark as he fell to his knees, unable to move. Unable to breathe. There will be different pairings in each fic; Rating for each Jul 2, 2019 ... Peter also once told a young fan with terminal cancer his secret in a touching story. (At least that kid wasn't hurt by the knowledge of Peter's ... Innocent By: wolfypuppypiles. The last thing he remembered, There's a flash of cold, reptilian eyes, and Peter seesPseudo Brother by hydraspidey reviews. From the age of tw Hurt Spidey One-shots! Fanfiction. Oneshots of Peter Parker(spiderman) getting hurt while living with the Avengers. Peter is 16 and joined the Avengers about 2 weeks ago and is really new. Which means lots of mistakes! The Avengers are like his family and want to protect him at all c...Peter hates being underground. A deep rooted fear of it had spiked after the building collapse almost two months ago and Peter doesn't want to go visit a stupid mine that extracts stupid gravel and stupid sand and stupid-Pete. Argh. May's still glancing at him from the rearview mirror her face stitched in concern. eventual ironstrange. no beta we die like half the Hurt No Comfort; BAMF Peter Parker; Starvation; Loneliness; Hurt Peter Parker; Burns; Guilt; Summary. The vision of Ben dying on the street haunted him to this day but ever …Sep 6, 2015 ... Share in a post, Report. Steve And Peter. 428 Favourites 24 Comments 7.9K Views. captainmanmcuspiderspidermansteveamericaavengersrogers ... Peter's No Longer Fighting Alone By: were[Tony held his hand over his mouth, tears blurring his eyes as hHe whipped out his phone. "Daaaad," Peter Peter whispered to himself. "But you have to understand. If it comes to saving you, or the kid, or the time stone." "Ah," Peter gasped as the suit retracted, revealing his red and blue Spiderman suit beneath, and he raised a hand to his …Consequences By: Sweet Little Darling. "Ned, I need to get out of here before Mr. Stark finds out, otherwise he will literally kill me for going behind his back. Again." "Um, Peter. Mr. Stark was the one that brought you to the hospital." Peter Parker was unable to get out of the rubble and an exasperated and worried Tony Stark …